Joined up thinking from Stockport Homes

Joined up thinking from Stockport Homes

Stockport Homes are upgrading the heating system to low rise apartments in the Lancashire Hill area in Stockport. This has been driven by a requirement to improve system efficiencies and reduce costs for residents, and as part of these works, Essco Energy are supplying heat interface units to replace individual hot water tanks in each home.

This social housing scheme features 292 homes that are connected to a district heating network that supplies six buildings, all of which are managed by Stockport Homes. This type of system was originally installed as it operates with lower carbon emissions when compared to individual gas fired boilers in each home.


Previously a direct heating system, each apartment will feature an Essco indirect twin plate heat interface unit for space heating and instantaneous hot water, with hydraulic separation of the secondary circuit. This means each apartment can be isolated from any primary network issues, offering a safer and more efficient system and the ability to accurately meter the heat used at each apartment.

The new heating system will optimise the district network and is designed to operate on a much improved ∆T, greatly increasing the efficiency of the central plant. This is achieved within each HIU by modulating the primary flow rate based on demand and controlling the secondary flow rate on the heating circuit to maintain low return temperatures throughout.


Stockport Homes Group LogoStockport Homes are committed to providing energy efficient homes and their housing stock includes two thousand apartments in 25 tower blocks that are served by heat networks.  Through capital programme investments, and to align with the company’s ambitious Climate Change Strategy; SHG are committed to continual improvements which minimise environmental footprint and benefit their customers.

Michael Eastham Project Leader at Stockport Homes Group (SHG) comments, “Essco worked very closely with Stockport Homes to develop and provide bespoke units to allow heating and hot water to be adjusted and individually controlled within each home, and one that is designed to be economic, efficient and ‘fit for purpose”. 

Lancashire Hills Apartments


EDGE T Heat Interface Unit HIU ESBEWith an M-bus meter fitted inside each HIU, the Lancashire Hill apartments are fully compliant with the Heat Network (Metering & Billing) Regulations 2014. These regulations require each dwelling to be individually metered, and billing must be based on actual consumptions not estimates. The Essco HIU is connected to an Energy Billing UK credit and prepayment system and in-home display that puts the resident in control of their energy use.

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Fit and forget our new Fan Coil Valve Assembly, until the next project!

Fit and forget our new Fan Coil Valve Assembly, until the next project!

As the old saying goes “time is money” and that is certainly true for costly building project overruns. With this in mind, we recently launched our Fan Coil Valve Assembly (FCVA), which is designed to save time and reduce labour costs.

Our FCVA connects fan coils, ceiling conditioning systems and cold beams on to primary heat networks within multi-dwelling buildings, and offers many unique benefits to the contractor, distributor and specifier. Providing control of the secondary circuit, with automatic shut-off, balancing and filtering the FCVA allows the user to easily set up the system and perform maintenance.

Small but Mighty!

The FCVA packs a punch, with compact dimensions of 225 x 84 x 159mm, it takes up almost 30% less space than the closest like-for-like product*. For the installer, that means it’s light and easy to handle.

Also, with pre-assembled heating and cooling handed assemblies with only four connections to make on site, the contractor can save valuable installation time and in-turn reduce labour costs.

Fan Coil Valve Assembly

Peace of Mind – Fit and Forget

Built to last, you can fit and forget the FCVA until the next project order. Assemblies also come complete with a handy ID tag to record the KV and commissioning information, which provides a permanent record for future system servicing. Installers have easy access to the IOM via mobile, tablet or laptop using the QR code on the ID tag and there is a generous 2-year warranty from point of delivery. Maintenance requirements are minimal with a simple annual strainer check to carry out.

Technical Support and Customer Service

The benefits don’t end there, our customer service team go the extra mile and take ownership of your enquiry, providing support from the tender stage right through to order, delivery and after-sales.

Our FCVAs are available from your chosen distributor, place an order today.

Distributors can request a quotation by emailing or calling 01489 779068.

Download the technical specification or find out more about the product here.


*27% smaller than the most comparable like-for-like product supplied by an alternative UK market leader.
Bespoke valve goes international

Bespoke valve goes international

We recently supplied a bespoke valve solution to a site in Dakar, Senegal for one of the world’s leading suppliers of temporary power generation equipment.

Our client required a 150mm gas control flanged ball valve with spring return fail open pneumatic actuator with switch box. This was assembled and painted to the client’s colour specification for use on a natural gas supply line in a remote isolated region without compressed air. In addition to this, we designed a control cabinet that extracts the gas from the supply line to operate the gas control valve.

EPV goes International

We have a long-standing relationship with this customer and have been supplying these packages from sizes 100mm to 200mm for over 10 years. We currently have another order going through our works for a site in a different part of the world.

For bespoke valve and actuator solutions call 01489 779068 to speak to our friendly EPV team or email us at




One man’s waste is another man’s treasure!

One man’s waste is another man’s treasure!

Predicted savings of £14k* for the first year of this new heat recovery system.

Our knowledge and experience in heat transfer, fluid mechanics, process engineering and hydronics were put to good use recently at an asphalt production facility in Avonmouth. Here we provided a bespoke heat recovery system for John Wainwright & Co. Ltd.

This industrial heat recovery project benefited from the Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy’s (BEIS) IHRS programme, with the funding application supported by Essco as part of a package of services.

The heat recovery system is operational and has a forecasted reduction in CO2 emissions of around 145 tonnes per annum. This translates to an anticipated fuel saving of up to 4%, which is around £14,000 per annum*.

Kevin Saunders, Business Improvement Manager at John Wainwright & Co. Ltd comments

“This project represented a significant investment and is the epitome of our commitment to the environment. Under the guidance of Simon Lumkin (Project Lead) and continued support from Lawrence Rogers, a great team worked extremely hard to deliver an energy efficient system we believe is the first for our industry. The system was carefully designed by Lawrence ensuring it delivered energy savings without compromising the production process.”

Technical Details

The system design at the Wainwright’s facility operates by recovering waste thermal energy through the aggregate drying process and re-injecting this recovered energy into the process to reduce the burnt fossil fuel consumption on site. Air to water heat exchanger technology is used to capture the otherwise wasted thermal energy in the exhaust flue and transfer this to a hydronic system. This recovered thermal energy is used to pre-heat the combustion air onto the 19MW gas burner resulting in a reduction in fuel usage onsite. Additional waste thermal energy is also recovered from a nearby air compressor and this is injected into the combustion air pre-heating process to further boost the efficiency of the system and reduce fossil fuel consumption.

Lawrence Rogers, Essco’s Principal Design Engineer reflects

This was a fantastic project to be involved with, designing a bespoke package offering with attractive energy savings alongside low parasitic loads and with minimal risk to current production. The project was not without its challenges (COVID aside), such as the harsh environment the equipment must operate in, however, these challenges were overcome and a robust, low maintenance system was delivered.”

Industrial Heat Recovery Support (IHRS) programme

The Government’s Industrial Heat Recovery Support (IHRS) programme made an important contribution to enabling this project at a time when decarbonising industry and optimising energy use is vital. The grant funding received was crucial, as without it the project did not meet the Company internal rate of return. Research undertaken for the Feasibility Study identified two key areas for heat recovery that would help to decarbonise the process and support Environment, Social and Governance benefits.

Essco works closely with the Government’s Industrial Heat Recovery Support (IHRS) programme (now Industrial Energy Transformation Fund IETF) and can advise where this may be a suitable option and take care of the application process from start to completion.

Contact Lawrence Rogers, our heat recovery specialist, on 07776 150538 or email to find out how we can add value to your next project.


*The saving quoted is based on current volumes and costs. This will fluctuate when demand increases or decreases.

VAC has a new name but same great team!

VAC has a new name but same great team!

VAC has a new name but the same great team!

The Valve and Actuator Company (VAC) are delighted to announce that due to continued growth and expansion they have rebranded to become ‘Essco Process Valves’ (EPV) – still a division of Essco.

They may have a new name, but EPV will continue to provide the same great service using the knowledge and expertise of the existing VAC team.

Offering engineered valve solutions for industrial, marine and process applications, EPV specialise in products that are built to suit. They also stock an extensive range of valves from ¼” (8mm) to 24” (600mm) and associated electric and pneumatic actuators.

The existing VAC website has been incorporated into this new Essco Group website – visit the EPV section of the site here.

In addition to Essco Process Valves, the Essco Group also includes the following divisions –

Essco Energy – Products and systems for building services and industrial applications

Essco Hydronics – Main distributor of ESBE valves and actuators in the UK

Essco OEM – In-house assemblies and bespoke solutions for HVAC applications

For best-fit valve and actuator solutions call 01489 779068 to speak to our friendly EPV team or email us here.

EDGE scores top marks for BESA HIU test

EDGE scores top marks for BESA HIU test

EDGE Scores Top Marks for BESA HIU Test

As part of our ongoing commitment to improving the efficiency of UK heat networks, the Essco EDGE heat interface unit has been tested against the latest BESA (The Building Engineering Services Association) HIU Test Regime. Test results include a VWART of just 28°C1 and a quick domestic hot water response, meaning the EDGE-T comes out top for performance.

Matt Lowe, Commercial Director at Essco, comments – “We’re delighted to announce the results of the BESA HIU testing. These results confirm that our EDGE unit delivers high-efficiency performance, low return temperatures and accurate system control – all key to running an efficient system”

He continues – “Results can be attributed to the use of first-class components, including ESBE SLB valves, the Rolls Royce of flow control, and Minibems IoT technology for internet-connected remote management. This coupled with Essco’s quality design and manufacturing capability makes for a top performing HIU”

View our published results and the full test report by visiting the BESA website: T Powered by MinibemsCollaboration with Minibems
Our collaboration with Minibems brings a whole host of additional benefits to the building owner/operator and resident. This includes real-time flow control, which can deliver fuel and carbon savings of 25-40%*, and remote monitoring, diagnosis, and management of the heat network, which can reduce the time and cost of unplanned maintenance.

Additionally, units are supplied billing ready with no requirement for an additional valve or user interface, saving around £450 per apartment. Residents can also benefit from the optional Minibems credit and prepayment metering and billing services from day one, with simple set-up and flexible payment methods for ease of use.

For the best energy efficient products and systems call 01489 779068 to speak to our friendly team or email us using our contact form.


*Actual savings are dependent on project specific conditions.

1 Model tested is Essco EDGE T1 HIU with Minibems