John Cole

John Cole

Sales Engineer

As Sales Engineer, John is always on-hand to answer customer enquiries, provide quotes, and process orders.

He also works closely with our production team to ensure we meet customer deadlines.

After traveling for 7 months back in 2010, John joined the company and has been with us ever since. In his previous role at Essco, he was responsible for managing the warehouse and ensuring product assembly, stock control and returns ran smoothly day-to-day.

He has seen the company grow, moving to two different locations due to expansion.

Here’s a little more about John..

What’s the most inspiring part of your job?

It’s really satisfying when a customer is grateful for the effort you made to help them solve their problem.

Tell us your three pet peeves.

Rude people, people who don’t indicate, terrible parking! (John clearly has some pent-up motoring trauma)

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15 Years In Industry
12 Years at Essco
9/10 Love of Doughnuts
29’280 Cups of Tea
John Cole's quote is