In-house assemblies and bespoke products for HVAC building services

Designed and built by Essco to make life simple.

Working with trusted manufacturing partners, we design and engineer a range of assemblies that make site installations a breeze.

In addition to our own range below, we have the capability to build bespoke products specifically for you.

We work with end users, contractors, the distribution network and OEMs.

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EDGE Heat Interface Unit (HIU) range

Underfloor Heating (UFH) Control Packs

Our control packs fit directly onto any UFH manifold and manage the temperature and flow of water around the system.

Built in-house, packs are supplied fully tested with a Wilo, Grundfos or Stuart Turner ‘A’ rated pump, ready for fast installation and operation.

Our range includes models from 5kW to 20kW, with thermostatic and low temperature variations.

Water Meter Assemblies (WMA)

We offer compact water meter assemblies that provide control and measurement of the cold-water supply to multi-dwelling buildings. 

Supplied as standard with a water meter carrier, the WMA can be fitted with any approved water meter.

Ambient sub-stations
Heat network system  design

Fan Coil Valve Assemblies (FCVA)

Our Fan Coil Valve Assemblies provide control of the secondary circuit whilst reducing installation time and labour costs.

They provide automatic shut-off, balancing and filtering, and allow the user to easily set up the system and perform maintenance.

For complete flexibility, FCVAs can be controlled by a standalone thermostat or a Building Management System (BMS).

Metering Stations

We build metering stations for direct communal heating systems that provide a simple solution for refurbishment and new build projects.

Stations include a Pressure Independent Control Valve (PICV), energy meter, cold water meter, hot water meter and blending valves, which work together to control and meter the supply.

Heat Recovery from  Industrial Process
Heat network system  design

Bespoke Products

In addition to the products mentioned above, we have the capability and expertise to build bespoke products specifically for you.

For example, we can design and build heat interface units to your specification and badge them with your company branding.

Talk to us about how we can work with you.

News & Case Studies

Pressure Drops January!

Pressure Drops January!

In January’s Pressure Drops, we have the National Trust’s biggest heat pump project to date and smart AI binoculars that can identify over 9,000 species of birds and mammals.

We’re on the Move!

We’re on the Move!

We are thrilled to announce Essco will be moving to bigger premises in Southampton this month. Find out more…


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