Mike Bennett Product Manager

Mike Bennett

Product Manager

Mike is our product champion and manages all elements of the product lifecycle. His time is spent gathering and prioritising product and customer requirements, defining the vision, creating concepts and designs and developing products. He also ensures that our range meets market specifications and works with our production partners to ensure sales and customer satisfaction goals are met.

With a degree in Industrial Design and Technology, Mike has spent over 14 years in the HVAC industry and has worked with a large international manufacturer of heating, cooling and domestic hot water components. He has a passion for product design and renewable technologies, enjoying problem-solving through sound product selection and system guidance.

Outside of work Mike enjoys going for walks with his young family, building train sets and playing games with his 6yr old son and the occasional escape to the pub with friends. Where time allows live comedy and rock concerts are also a favourite pastime.

Here’s a little more about Mike…

What’s the best advice you were ever given and who was it from?

When I look back, two pieces of advice stand out for me. Both came from an old sales manager I worked with at Giacomini called Alistair Moore, who as I type this, I can hear saying ‘ahem Mike, less of the old thank-you!’.

The first piece of advice followed a very rookie error on a quote I’d prepared, where the dreaded copy and paste had let me down. Eagle eyes Moore of course spotted this error before sending my quote out, but rather than highlight the error for me, made me find it, and then delivered the line ‘more haste less speed!’. Quite simply, rushing the quote out backfired as it took me twice as long when I came to do it a second time. The line quickly reached fame status in our office, as some colleagues were not as quick as others to take the good advice and had to endure this saying regularly; I mention no names!

The second piece of advice was ‘under promise and over deliver’, as it was easy to fall into the trap of making promises on the spot, where a slower more considered, or even conservative answer is best, as you never know what other priorities will come in and disrupt your plans.

Tell us your three pet peeves?

Middle lane drivers, queue jumpers and clapping when the plane lands!

Read Mike’s favourite quote below….

14 Years In Industry
3 Years at Essco
8/10 Love of Doughnuts
44'500 Cups of Tea
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