Mike Bennett, 
Design Engineer

Mike is responsible for developing products and services that fall within the banner of Essco Energy. He provides frontline sales and technical support to clients and consultants, on projects where our products form a key and essential part of the overall building energy management solution.

With a degree in Industrial Design and Technology, Mike has spent 12 years in the HVAC industry working with a large international manufacturer of heating, cooling and domestic hot water components. Mike has a passion for product design and renewable technologies, enjoying problem-solving through sound product selection and system guidance.

Outside of work Mike enjoys going for walks with his young family, building train sets and playing games with his 3yr old son and the occasional escape to the pub with friends. Where time allows live comedy and rock concerts are also a favourite pastime.

Read Mike’s quote below….

years in industry


love of doughnuts

Cups Of tea

Mike’s quote is from Bruce Springsteen,

“The best music is essentially there to provide you something to face the world with”

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