Wing Mo,
Project Engineer

Wing loves talking with customers to understand their requirements and aims to provide a competitive best-fit solution.

Graduating with a BSC Engineering with Business Studies Degree, Wing’s first opportunity was at Fawley Oil Refinery as Project Engineer. Following this, he commenced his valve and actuation journey with Wolseley UK where he became Branch Manager. Having worked at Essco for over 5 years, Wing’s knowledge and experience cover the whole Essco range.

Married with a daughter and son, Wing is a keen sportsman and runs a 10K every week in addition to his daily visit to the Gym and regular games of badminton. He pushes his body to the limits and says this helps him build willpower and motivation. He admires sportsmen such as Mo Farrah, Roger Federer and Lewis Hamilton.

Read Wing’s quote below….

years in industry


love of doughnuts

Cups Of tea

Wing’s chosen quote is,

“The harder you work for something, the greater you’ll feel when you achieve it”

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