Water Meter Assemblies

Control and measure cold-water supply

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Control and measure the cold-water supply to multi-dwelling buildings, such as apartments and office blocks, with our compact water meter assembly unit.

Ready For Use With Any Approved Water Meter

Supplied as standard with a water meter carrier, the WMA can be fitted with any approved water meter, making it a flexible solution.

Available in ¾“or 1” BSP female variants, the WMA is supplied with insulation as standard.


  • Compact and space saving (Half the size of traditional branch valve assemblies)

  • Regulation 4 compliant with WRAS approval

  • Easy to install, either horizontally or vertically

  • Position of water meter can be adjusted to suit, making it easy to read the display

  • Supplied pre-tested to save time on site

  • Robust, with minimal service and maintenance requirements

  • Supplied with carrier, ready to fit any approved water meter (or with 80-110mm spacer where required)

  • Supplied with insulation as standard, which provides protection and reduces heat loss and risk of condensation

WMA Line Drawing

The WMA Includes the Following:

  • Isolating ball valve

  • Water meter carrier (or spacer if required)

  • Combined Pressure Relief Valve (PRV)

  • Double check valve (DCV)

  • Pressure gauge

  • Strainer

Regulation 4 compliant 

Our water meter assembly is Regulation 4 compliant with WRAS approval, which confirms that it has been thoroughly tested to demonstrate it’s of suitable quality and standard against the requirements of the Water Fittings Regulations and Scottish Byelaws.

You can fit and forget the WMA with complete confidence.

Full details are available on the WRAS approval directory.


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WMA Data Sheet

Technical data sheet. Click to download.

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WMA Installation Manual

Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual. Click to download.