Tuesday May 17, 2022

T3 PLUS Has It Under Control!

Meet the newest member of our UFH pump pack family. The ESBE T3 PLUS is designed for light commercial underfloor heating applications.

Featuring electronic control, the T3 works with modulating temperatures and is suited to higher flow rate systems due to the rotary mixing valve with either 4 or 6.3 kv.

T3 Wilo Angle

Building Management System (BMS) Compatible

The T3 PLUS is fully compatible with BMS and can be supplied with an ESBE actuator that is available in 3-point control or 0-10 (proportional). This provides the operator with complete control across all building zones and ensures the system is operating efficiently.

Self-acting temperature control

Where a BMS is not being used, the T3 PLUS features an ESBE temperature controller, which is self-acting and can provide either constant temperature or weather compensated control.

Peace of Mind – Fit and Forget
Our range of control packs fit directly onto any UFH manifold and manage the temperature and flow of water around the system. Built in-house, they are supplied fully tested, with an ‘A’ rated pump ready for fast installation and operation.


The T3 PLUS is available from your chosen UFH distributor, place an order today.

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