Tuesday September 13, 2022

Fish Friendly Pressure Reducing Valves

We recently supplied replacement valves for the filtration system at Marchwood power station.  As part of the cooling process, Marchwood takes water from the estuary and passes it through band screen filters before it enters the pump. Unfortunately, this also pulls marine life in with the water intake, which makes its way to the filtration system as it rotates.

Using three bronze 200mm pressure reducing valves, sourced and supplied by Essco, the power station reduces the system pressure to around 0.7 Bar. This ensures that marine life is gently removed from the filter and dropped in a channel that goes back out to sea, away from the intake. This process avoids damaging the delicate marine life and ensures continuous operation of the power station.

Marchwood Power Station

located near Southampton, Marchwood is an 898.1 MW gas-fired power station that is situated beside the estuary of the River Test where it meets Southampton Water. Built on the site of an oil-fired power station that was demolished in the 1990s, the station is operated by the Marchwood Power Limited.

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