Wednesday January 18, 2023

Top Tips – ESBE VRG 3-Way Rotary Valves

Matt Bishop, our technical engineer, has compiled some tips to help with the selection and sizing of ESBE HVAC products. These are based on the frequently asked questions he receives.

His first 3 tips cover the popular VRG range of 3-way rotary valves.

TOP Tips Rotary Valves


Consider how the valve will be piped up.

Is it for a diverting or mixing application?

Both the ESBE VRG130 and the VRG230 can be used for diverting and mixing, but they work differently.

Mixing or Diverting?


When replacing or specifying an ESBE VRG valve and flow data is not available, select the largest KVS for a given connection size.

We recommend this because some valves in the VRG family are available with different KVS (flow) figures, so if unsure it’s better to slightly over size. 


Don’t assume that the valve you need has the same connection size as your pipe.

For correct authority, it’s not uncommon for the control valve to be one size smaller (or maybe more).

We can help you select the correct valve based on flow rate and pressure drop.

Plumbing Pipes

If you have a rotary valve question or would like sizing or selection advice, please contact us on 01489 779068 or email us here.

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