Tuesday June 20, 2023

Top Tips for ESBE CRA 210 Controllers

Our technical engineer, Matt Bishop, has compiled some tips to help with the selection and sizing of ESBE HVAC products. These are based on the frequently asked questions he receives.

The 3 tips below cover the popular ESBE CRA 210 controllers.

CRA Controllers


The CRA210 controller runs on 12v DC and is supplied with a suitable transformer.

CRA Controllers Power

Be careful if replacing an older CRA110 controller, as these run on 24v AC.

Be sure to replace the transformer as well.


Settings on the CRA200 platform are easily changed using the in-built trigger switch and LED readout.

The T2 function allows you to call for a second set temperature from the same package from your heating control center.

CRA Controllers T2

Perfect for reducing heating output overnight or increasing temperature short term for anti-legionella.


Like their ARA actuator cousins, the CRA can be fitted with an auxiliary switch for pump control.

This can be easily added on site, or we can fit it for you before we dispatch.

CRA Controller Internal

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