Designed for the connection of fan coils, ceiling conditioning systems and cold beams onto primary heat networks within multi-dwelling buildings, such as apartments and office blocks.

Essco Fan Coil Valve Assembly

Small but Mighty

Compact and space saving with class-leading dimensions of 225 x 84 x 141mm




FCVA Example Installation

Save Installation Time and Reduce Labour Costs

  • Pre-assembled with only four connections to make on site
  • Range of handed assemblies to suit both heating and cooling applications
Essco Fan Coil Valve Assembly

Performance Tested

  • PN25 rated assembly with pressure testing prior to supply
  • BSRIA tested PICV provides confirmation of performance



Specify the FCVA as part of your M&E design. Download the technical specification below.
Fan Coil Valve Assembly

Peace of Mind – Fit and Forget

  • ID tag provides a permanent record for future servicing
  • Easy access to IOM via mobile, tablet or laptop using QR code on tag
  • Inbuilt Venturi Metering Station as standard
  • Maintenance requirements are minimal with a simple annual strainer check to carry out
  • 2 years’ warranty from point of delivery
FCVA Example Installation

Technical Support and Customer Service

We go the extra mile. Our technical team take ownership of your enquiry and will support you from tender stage right through to order, delivery and after-sales.

Request a quotation –

FCVA with Insulation

Flexible Control Options

  • Standalone thermostat
  • Building Management System (BMS)


  • Insulation jacket
  • Actuator options
  • Handed versions

Product ID Tag

Each FCVA comes with a handy ID tag to record the kV and commissioning information.

This provides a permanent record of this information with the product and avoids searching for paper or electronic records in the future.

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