Tuesday June 8, 2021

Joined up thinking from Stockport Homes

Stockport Homes are upgrading the heating system to low rise apartments in the Lancashire Hill area in Stockport. This has been driven by a requirement to improve system efficiencies and reduce costs for residents, and as part of these works, Essco Energy are supplying heat interface units to replace individual hot water tanks in each home.

This social housing scheme features 292 homes that are connected to a district heating network that supplies six buildings, all of which are managed by Stockport Homes. This type of system was originally installed as it operates with lower carbon emissions when compared to individual gas fired boilers in each home.


Previously a direct heating system, each apartment will feature an Essco indirect twin plate heat interface unit for space heating and instantaneous hot water, with hydraulic separation of the secondary circuit. This means each apartment can be isolated from any primary network issues, offering a safer and more efficient system and the ability to accurately meter the heat used at each apartment.

The new heating system will optimise the district network and is designed to operate on a much improved ∆T, greatly increasing the efficiency of the central plant. This is achieved within each HIU by modulating the primary flow rate based on demand and controlling the secondary flow rate on the heating circuit to maintain low return temperatures throughout.


Stockport Homes Group LogoStockport Homes are committed to providing energy efficient homes and their housing stock includes two thousand apartments in 25 tower blocks that are served by heat networks.  Through capital programme investments, and to align with the company’s ambitious Climate Change Strategy; SHG are committed to continual improvements which minimise environmental footprint and benefit their customers.

Michael Eastham Project Leader at Stockport Homes Group (SHG) comments, “Essco worked very closely with Stockport Homes to develop and provide bespoke units to allow heating and hot water to be adjusted and individually controlled within each home, and one that is designed to be economic, efficient and ‘fit for purpose”. 

Lancashire Hills Apartments


EDGE T Heat Interface Unit HIU ESBE

With an M-bus meter fitted inside each HIU, the Lancashire Hill apartments are fully compliant with the Heat Network (Metering & Billing) Regulations 2014. These regulations require each dwelling to be individually metered, and billing must be based on actual consumptions not estimates. The Essco HIU is connected to an Energy Billing UK credit and prepayment system and in-home display that puts the resident in control of their energy use.

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