Friday June 25, 2021

Significant Energy Savings for Heat Battery Installation

We recently supplied a Sunamp heat battery to replace a gravity fed system with a vented cylinder.  The heat battery is served by a Solar Diverter (EDDI Panel) as its primary source of energy, fed by a 4kW Solar PV array. The heat battery can also be charged using the Worcester Greenstar 8000 life 30kW system boiler (natural gas) as a backup.

This system feeds five bathrooms (four showers, one bath), one kitchen and one utility room and is more than capable of meeting the demands of this family of four + one dog.


  • Sunamp UniQ HW 12 +iPV Heat Battery – delivering up to 25l/min of DHW at 55°C (The equivalent of a 284 litre DHW cylinder)
  • 4kW Solar PV array
  • Worcester Greenstar 8000 life 30kW system boiler (natural gas)


Throughout the year, peaking in the summer, the heat battery offers huge savings on gas usage by utilising solar PV charging and this coupled with exceptionally low heat losses make for an ultra efficient solution.

For this installation, In the first 6 months of operation gas consumption has been reduced by around 70%, which equates to a saving of around £40 per month for the homeowner. A more detailed report of the energy use, running costs and carbon savings will be provided once the system has been in operation for a full 12 months.

Sunamp Heat BatteriesBENEFITS

  • Reduces running costs and cuts carbon emissions by using electricity from Solar PV
  • Instant hot water at mains pressure
  • Failsafe: backup internal electric heating element
  • Extremely low heat losses
  • No mandatory annual maintenance check
  • Significantly reduced legionella risk
  • Quick to fit, meaning lower installation costs
  • Space-saving: up to 4 times smaller than the equivalent hot water cylinder
  • Modular: easily combined to increase storage capacity
  • Reduced Legionella risk due to minimal stored water

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