Thursday October 21, 2021

Government Publishes Strategy to Decarbonise Heating in the UK

In a positive week for climate action, the Government has published its Net-Zero Strategy and Heat in Buildings Strategy, the former detailing how the nation will decarbonise in a way that will “transform every sector of the global economy”. Like buses, you wait for one to come along and then they all come at once! There is certainly a lot to digest.

Looking to the Heat in Buildings Strategy, we are hopeful that this provides a good roadmap to decarbonise heating in the UK. Key takeaways from the strategy include:

  • All new heating systems installed in UK homes are to be low carbon by 2035
  • Plans to reduce the costs of heat pumps by at least 25-50% by 2025 and towards parity with boilers by 2030
  • £5000 grants to incentivise households to install low-carbon heating solutions

Matt Lowe, Essco Commercial Director comments,

“We welcome the publication of the Heat in Buildings Strategy and are pleased to see that heat networks are set to play a meaningful role in the government’s plans as a proven scalable option for decarbonising heat. Whilst the grant scheme is a positive step, we hold judgment to see if this incentive can go far enough to have a significant impact on the replacement of fossil fuel boilers”.  

He continues, “Time’s not on our side, and It’s more important than ever that we develop sustainable technology that works with nature to heat and cool our buildings more efficiently. Essco continues on this mission, whilst supporting our customers as we move to a low carbon future”.    

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