Tuesday April 9, 2024

In Search of the Perfect Valve for a Heat Pump System?

UK homes are increasingly turning to heat pumps as an alternative to traditional fossil fuel boilers as we push for more sustainable, energy-efficient heating technologies. They are anticipated to be one of the main heat sources in new homes in the coming years as the government sets out plans to increase their installation from 55,000 to 600,000 a year by 2028.

As we make the move to domestic heat pump systems, it is important to select the appropriate control valves to get the best out of this technology.

Higher flow rate systems

Spring return valves are often used in central heating systems with a boiler as they are designed for lower flow rates, but they may not be suitable for higher flow rate heat pump systems as they create a high pressure drop within the system. To effectively divert flow from the heat pump to heating or hot water with low pressure drops, a higher KVS (flow rate) valve is required.

Why is Kvs important?

The Kvs value is one of the most important parameters for identifying the best valve for your system. It expresses the amount of flow in a regulating valve when fully open with a pressure differential of 1 bar.

ESBE diverting valves offer a variety of Kvs options for each line size

ESBE diverter valves are perfectly suited to heat pump applications as they are designed for managing high flow rates with low delta T to maximise the efficiency of the system, reduce water hammer and avoid breakdowns.

ESBE VRG130 and 230 3-way rotary diverting valves are available in a range of sizes from DN15 to DN50 with up to 10 bar (PN10) operating pressure and connections to suit all pipe dimensions, each with multiple KVS options. This ensure that the installer can fit the correct line sized valve without compromising on KVS. ESBE VRGs are quick and easy to install and can be supplied with a matching ESBE series ARA600 actuator.

As UK distributor of ESBE products, Essco specialise in controlling the flow and temperature of water in HVAC systems. Products are available to purchase from your preferred plumbing merchant. Contact Essco’s friendly team for technical support or sizing advice.

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