Elysator water treatment

Chemical-free corrosion protection for water recirculation systems

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We partner with ELYSATOR® UK who lead the way in corrosion protection for water recirculation systems.

Completely chemical-free, the Elysator uses sacrificial magnesium anodes to extract oxygen, acid and aggressive salts from the water.

Elysator is perfect for heat networks and meets with Europe’s most stringent water quality standards VDI-2035.

Ambient sub-stations

The Problem With Corrosion

The presence of oxygen in heating and cooling systems leads to corrosion.

And a low pH and increased electrical conductivity also encourages corrosion.

This accumulation of sludge and corrosion in heating and cooling systems can cause severe hydraulic problems that can be costly to remedy.

Installing the Elysator eliminates the problem without the use of harmful chemicals.



How does Elysator work?

EDGE Heat Interface Unit (HIU) range


For systems already contaminated with dirty water and iron oxide sludge, Elysator can help correct the issue without the need for harsh chemicals.

Ambient sub-stations


Elysator technology provides an environment where bacteria can’t survive and corrosion won’t occur.

Heat network system design


Clean water will help keep your critical equipment running at its optimum efficiency for longer.

Protection For Heat Networks

The Elysator meets Europe’s most stringent water quality standards VDI-2035 so we recommend it wherever our EDGE HIUs are installed and for all heat network systems.

Elysator extends the operational life of your expensive assets. It increases energy efficiency, whilst reducing running costs and avoiding unnecessary maintenance costs and system downtime.

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Case Study

District heating system at Bollo Bridge Road, South Acton.

PDF Product Download ENERGY

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